Its wedding season, this means for the next 6 months, we get to watch a few love birds walk down the isle.But  most importantly, we get to make some brides very happy.

Wedding season means, deadlines, details, colours and themes, last minute rushing and things.  On that last day, you have planned everything to the tee but you are getting married, there wont be any time to stress over, look after, run into or manage the day. You don’t want your mom or dad doing it and all your mates are your bridesmaids.

Wouldn’t you just love to have that one person you could rely on to get things done, just the way you want it? Plan the day as you wish and hand over the reigns. If you are the ideal Do-it-yourself bride, then Demiguard is for you.We will be more than your maid of honour, we will ensure that the set up is done as you dreamed it. We will check the food, and take control of that one uncle. And when all is said and done, we will send you off with the peace of mind and a happy marriage in tow.


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