We have been pre-conditioned to the idea that when  the words ‘Farmers’ and ‘Market’ are sequentially placed in the form of a title than the notion is that the event is bound to  be home to some farm fresh produce. But these are the modern times and what is ‘Farm-Fresh’ refers to is the recency of production which is what the Fourways Farmers Market offers its patrons.

Every Sunday from 0900, the Fourways Farmers Market plays host to almost 100 different stalls offering an array of fresh food, slutty burgers, fresh hot coffee an array of craft beers and select wines, some crafts and of course Music.

The primary condition for participation as a vendor it to bring a fresh new product to the Market and in keeping with the theme of the event, products that are relevant. You cam purchase anything from strings and beads, clothes to watches, shades and of course gourmet20160717_131723to regular food.

The market is at best a great way to turn an otherwise boring Sunday into a fun engaging outing for you, your close significant other, your group of friends or family. If you are looking for a specific diet friendly meal though, you may not find it there. This market is not strict and does not impose restrictions on cooking or food types which makes it versatile but limiting to many. Unless of course a diet specific vendor bites and exhibits.

If you have no friends and do not have a generally sociable demeanor to approach a loner just like you in the name of finding friends, you wont find friends here. But none the less, if you like your own company, want a great atmosphere, love music and just a good vibe, have a group of market crazy or social outing friends or a lucky enough to have a partner who just loves spending time with you…head to the Market.


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