Women get too mch attention.

They have entire days dedicated to them. In history men have changed entire civilizations but with the advent of Women’s Liberation, there is just too much attention on the minor achievements women have. In all fairness, women who should be celebrated must do something more than just open a shop or bakery to get recognition. Why do women get to have a holiday too?

in 1956 following for the third time in the history of South Africa, a move to introduce a pass that enfringed on the freedom of movement of black people in South Africa was on the table. The ANC and the COD sent Alen Joseph and Bertha Mashaba to all the urban areas speaking to the leaders requesting support in the form of a petition to stop the law from being passed.


Adopted from: South African History online

on the 9th of August in what is now known as a historic peaceful demonstration, 20 000 odd women carrying or accompanied by children took to the streets in a march to the union building to drop a petition at the door of Mr Strijdom the acting prime minister. neither Mr Strijdom  nor his staff were there to witness of receive the petition. In fact the signed petition was removed before he returned to his office. This did not deter the women. They stood silently for 30 minutes in protest before bursting into song, then leaving in an orderly manner.


For a country riddled with historic violent protests as recently as May 2016, over school fees, this is an epic example of what can transpire when people come together peacefully. The day was only innaugurated in 1994, but thankfully recognised after almost 40 years of being ignored.

The effects of this march are being enjoyed today some 60 years later. Passes are not required for ANY one living in South Africa


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