It’s wedding season and I have just been invited to yet another wedding. I am 32 years old and nowhere near getting married. Everyone is worried, at the rate that I am going all the good ones will be gone.

I am scared now of attending any family events because every aunt and uncle out there wants to match make me with everyone, from a friend of a friend to that cousin, twice removed from dad’s side. Close friends have warned me to let go of my ‘deals’ and settle otherwise plan for a lonely life…which is looking appealing really. I have other things to focus on.

In the meantime, its not like everyone is wearing an ‘I am single’ tee. I mean, neither am I. So how DO I single a single out? Blind dates are not an option, speed dating is NOT real. I need to go to a place where I can mix and mingle with people JUST like me.

I need a single’s mixer. An event where single people who are not really looking to find love can get together and agree on the pressures that society places on singles. A utopia for singles where everyone is game yet no one is game. Where drinks run free accompanied with food, good music and vibes. Where something quirky is the theme of the day. I need, the ‘Epic Single’s mixer’. Don’t you?

The Epic single’s mixer is the first of its Kind in Jozi. It will ONLY cater for 80 people (40 ladies and 40 gents), if you are into this gig; register your interest below and be among the select few to get updates on this event.


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