The short hiatus between school terms need not be dull affair. In fact, if you are fortunate enough to live in a family friendly secure complex, then you have all the ingredients you need to close the holiday with a bang.

Kids love a simple good time and a great way to entertain them for cheap is to host a neighbourly trick or treat. Below are some tips to get it going.

  1. Enlist participation

Your kids know whom they play with. So they are the initial source of names of parents to approach. Simply ask these willing parents if they would be interested in giving out treats for your do.

  1. Plan your route

Once you know who is game; plan a route within your hood. Set out a start and an end point. It’s advisable to have a flow plan that criss-crosses to avoid overloading parents with kids at any one time. This will also allow ALL the kids to get their fair treat.

  1. Mark the participating homes

There is nothing more embarrassing then knocking on the wrong door. Get your parents to put a marker on the door so that you can identify which homes are participating along the various treat routes.

  1. Safety first

Secure your kids. List all allergies and communicate this with participating parents. Ensure that all kids have a guardian accompanying them. Set some basic rules like: DO NOT ENTER participating homes.

  1. Look organized

Seek the assistance of a qualified event organizer. Let them, get all the required permissions. Set out a start and end time. Communicate all plans on time. But most importantly, allow you to have fun.



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