5 Fun Tips to Host a hood Halloween [Tips for free]

The short hiatus between school terms need not be dull affair. In fact, if you are fortunate enough to live in a family friendly secure complex, then you have all the ingredients you need to close the holiday with a bang.

Kids love a simple good time and a great way to entertain them for cheap is to host a neighbourly trick or treat. Below are some tips to get it going.

  1. Enlist participation

Your kids know whom they play with. So they are the initial source of names of parents to approach. Simply ask these willing parents if they would be interested in giving out treats for your do.

  1. Plan your route

Once you know who is game; plan a route within your hood. Set out a start and an end point. It’s advisable to have a flow plan that criss-crosses to avoid overloading parents with kids at any one time. This will also allow ALL the kids to get their fair treat.

  1. Mark the participating homes

There is nothing more embarrassing then knocking on the wrong door. Get your parents to put a marker on the door so that you can identify which homes are participating along the various treat routes.

  1. Safety first

Secure your kids. List all allergies and communicate this with participating parents. Ensure that all kids have a guardian accompanying them. Set some basic rules like: DO NOT ENTER participating homes.

  1. Look organized

Seek the assistance of a qualified event organizer. Let them, get all the required permissions. Set out a start and end time. Communicate all plans on time. But most importantly, allow you to have fun.



The best way to meet other singles

It’s wedding season and I have just been invited to yet another wedding. I am 32 years old and nowhere near getting married. Everyone is worried, at the rate that I am going all the good ones will be gone.

I am scared now of attending any family events because every aunt and uncle out there wants to match make me with everyone, from a friend of a friend to that cousin, twice removed from dad’s side. Close friends have warned me to let go of my ‘deals’ and settle otherwise plan for a lonely life…which is looking appealing really. I have other things to focus on.

In the meantime, its not like everyone is wearing an ‘I am single’ tee. I mean, neither am I. So how DO I single a single out? Blind dates are not an option, speed dating is NOT real. I need to go to a place where I can mix and mingle with people JUST like me.

I need a single’s mixer. An event where single people who are not really looking to find love can get together and agree on the pressures that society places on singles. A utopia for singles where everyone is game yet no one is game. Where drinks run free accompanied with food, good music and vibes. Where something quirky is the theme of the day. I need, the ‘Epic Single’s mixer’. Don’t you?

The Epic single’s mixer is the first of its Kind in Jozi. It will ONLY cater for 80 people (40 ladies and 40 gents), if you are into this gig; register your interest below and be among the select few to get updates on this event.

No I don’t do decor| the not so obvious role of an event manager


I went for a meeting today, it was not about the event manager job; it was the report writing one. However, during the meeting I slipped in a mini professional intro: ‘I am an event manager’. The response was the usual ‘Do you have all the decor you need?’.

I stopped myself from pulling out my hair. For the 100th time, I am not a decorator, I am an event manager, planner and coordinator.

I don’t know when the terms became confused or lost in translation, but for some reason, when you drop the title event planner, or manager, people fanciful thoughts immediately land on decorator. Whomever this decorator was that ruined the face of event planning must have been quite the douche for stealing all the glory of the haggard person in the background running the show.

We have all watched the ‘Whose wedding is it anyway‘ and the ‘Wedding planner movies‘, where in those videos did you ever see the planner pulling decor from their stores? These are the people who source, contract and direct the decorator.

Borrowing from Jay-Z ‘Allow me to reintroduce myself’, I am an event planner. I do the running around, the sourcing, the pulling, the stitching, the everything that makes your event a success, including finding, briefing and directing the decorator. The decorator then brings in the fancy tit-bits that make the venue what you experience. It is my job to make sure that the food is right, that the venue is book and paid for on time. I check your guest list, I find your ushers. I bring in the entertainment and queue the speeches. And when the job is done, I tie up the financial lose ends and make you look good to your suppliers.

I may tell you which flowers to put up but I don’t supply the flowers, the florist does. It’s not so obvious, I am not a decorator. I am an event planner and coordinator.

Travel Porn| Private charter

There is a definite novelty in flying on a private charter; For one, the plane meets your timelines. Secondly if you want the absolute privacy and the novelty VIP treatment of the experience well, the private charter will give you JUST that.

There is a disparity between the people who want the charter and the ones who can afford it. To charter a jet, you need to set aside a minimum budget of ZAR50, 000.00. With that all you get is the jet. Even then, the jet will be a single or twin, turbine engine with the pilot staff but no cabin crew.

If you show a slightly smaller budget of ZAR30,000.00 you may just get a Cessna that seats 5 with a pilot working at earning hours. Its a small plane with no crew. If you have an even smaller budget your best bet is to buy the most expensive seat on a commercial flight and enjoy ALL the perks of a VIP travelling business class locally.

Whichever way you choose to travel, DO NOT underestimate the  novelty of a private charter just because the plane is not a G6. Not everyone can afford to drive a Mercedes Benz, but you CAN get just as good a deal with a luxury Toyota. A Cessna is just as much a private charter as a King air twin jet engine with or without cabin crew.

Demiguard can organize your next business travel via private charter on request. Just call 081 540 1825 or email sales@demiguard.co.za. Administration rates apply. Alternatively fill in the form below

9 August| National Women’s day

Women get too mch attention.

They have entire days dedicated to them. In history men have changed entire civilizations but with the advent of Women’s Liberation, there is just too much attention on the minor achievements women have. In all fairness, women who should be celebrated must do something more than just open a shop or bakery to get recognition. Why do women get to have a holiday too?

in 1956 following for the third time in the history of South Africa, a move to introduce a pass that enfringed on the freedom of movement of black people in South Africa was on the table. The ANC and the COD sent Alen Joseph and Bertha Mashaba to all the urban areas speaking to the leaders requesting support in the form of a petition to stop the law from being passed.


Adopted from: South African History online

on the 9th of August in what is now known as a historic peaceful demonstration, 20 000 odd women carrying or accompanied by children took to the streets in a march to the union building to drop a petition at the door of Mr Strijdom the acting prime minister. neither Mr Strijdom  nor his staff were there to witness of receive the petition. In fact the signed petition was removed before he returned to his office. This did not deter the women. They stood silently for 30 minutes in protest before bursting into song, then leaving in an orderly manner.


For a country riddled with historic violent protests as recently as May 2016, over school fees, this is an epic example of what can transpire when people come together peacefully. The day was only innaugurated in 1994, but thankfully recognised after almost 40 years of being ignored.

The effects of this march are being enjoyed today some 60 years later. Passes are not required for ANY one living in South Africa

Events| Fourways Farmers Market

We have been pre-conditioned to the idea that when  the words ‘Farmers’ and ‘Market’ are sequentially placed in the form of a title than the notion is that the event is bound to  be home to some farm fresh produce. But these are the modern times and what is ‘Farm-Fresh’ refers to is the recency of production which is what the Fourways Farmers Market offers its patrons.

Every Sunday from 0900, the Fourways Farmers Market plays host to almost 100 different stalls offering an array of fresh food, slutty burgers, fresh hot coffee an array of craft beers and select wines, some crafts and of course Music.

The primary condition for participation as a vendor it to bring a fresh new product to the Market and in keeping with the theme of the event, products that are relevant. You cam purchase anything from strings and beads, clothes to watches, shades and of course gourmet20160717_131723to regular food.

The market is at best a great way to turn an otherwise boring Sunday into a fun engaging outing for you, your close significant other, your group of friends or family. If you are looking for a specific diet friendly meal though, you may not find it there. This market is not strict and does not impose restrictions on cooking or food types which makes it versatile but limiting to many. Unless of course a diet specific vendor bites and exhibits.

If you have no friends and do not have a generally sociable demeanor to approach a loner just like you in the name of finding friends, you wont find friends here. But none the less, if you like your own company, want a great atmosphere, love music and just a good vibe, have a group of market crazy or social outing friends or a lucky enough to have a partner who just loves spending time with you…head to the Market.



Its wedding season, this means for the next 6 months, we get to watch a few love birds walk down the isle.But  most importantly, we get to make some brides very happy.

Wedding season means, deadlines, details, colours and themes, last minute rushing and things.  On that last day, you have planned everything to the tee but you are getting married, there wont be any time to stress over, look after, run into or manage the day. You don’t want your mom or dad doing it and all your mates are your bridesmaids.

Wouldn’t you just love to have that one person you could rely on to get things done, just the way you want it? Plan the day as you wish and hand over the reigns. If you are the ideal Do-it-yourself bride, then Demiguard is for you.We will be more than your maid of honour, we will ensure that the set up is done as you dreamed it. We will check the food, and take control of that one uncle. And when all is said and done, we will send you off with the peace of mind and a happy marriage in tow.